I decided to use Darwen as my location for document the day. Its my first day on Fad and I wanted to go somewhere familiar that would put my nerves at ease and I could take everything in.  I love Darwen, I love its History and Architectural features. so much of it prominent in its buildings of old and new. It is also evident in the objects such as statues, monuments and gravestones in and around Darwen.

I particularly love the skill and craftsmanship used in the 18-1900s. I took these photographs at Darwen cemetery, some of the gravestones are very simple in form,tone and appearance and others are very ornate, delicate and charming. I could see some of the religious difference’s between the Church of England, Roman Catholic and Nonconformist gravestones.  I studied the materials used such as marble, stone and cast iron. I took in the scenery, The grass was very long and wet and the sun was shining. It was a clear fresh air day, not to warm or cold. The sky was full of fluffy white clouds and clear blue patches with occasional bright sunny spells.

While taking the photographs it was important to apply the Golden proportions and focus on the composition in the photograph.

I found this was difficult at first as i hadn’t really thought about it before but i knew what looked good and what didn’t through my camera lens and so i just captured as many as i could, constantly changing my position until i was happy. I also took close ups to capture the colour variations, decay or wear and tear.


Darwen has some derelict, dilapidated and neglected buildings, some would call them an eyesore but they always have something that appeals to me and makes me want to look. Time, nature and destruction have made them a work of art, capturing the eye even in its deteriorating, crumbling state. (Plaster, brick, rust, wood, stone, glass, weeds and corrugated steel.)

While taking the photographs and ‘documenting the day’ I wanted to use all of my senses and remember the surroundings at each location, what I could hear, touch, see and smell. I also thought about what I was feeling, especially in the Cemetery. It was very peaceful and serene. The grass was vibrant in colour because it was wet and glistened in the sun. I felt transparent, not scared or sad. I could smell the damp but warm fresh air , the trees and fallen leaves. I could hear the traffic on nearby streets, listen past that and I could hear the leaves and water drops fall from gathered trees, birds singing and moving from tree to tree. Dogs barking in nearby houses and the sound of my foot steps through the grass and uneven pathways. The crunch of small branches and nut shells underfoot. I could feel a gentle breeze, the sunshine warming my face and the textures of the gravestones. 



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