Because my ‘ Document the day ‘ photographs are mostly of stone architecture and 3d sculpture and engraving’s, I thought it would be a good idea to concentrate on actual and visual texture and to do that i chose to use stones, pebbles, shells and coral. Each peice has a distinct shape and feel much like the gravestones at Darwen.

First we went through the health and safety guidelines to working with plaster of Paris and Kim showed us how to make it. We were then shown the ways to make moulds for various items using clay or for body parts using Alginate.

Using the clay I pressed each of my peices in multiple ways into the clay and taking it out leaving an imprint.  I then built a wall of clay for my plaster to sit in until it sets. The plaster of Paris consists of 1 cup of water and 12 cups-15 cups of plaster powder mixed to a thick consistency much like pancake batter. this took 5 minutes to mix. I then poured the mixture into my clay mould and left it to set.  This took approximately 30 minutes for it to set.

I was really happy with the results, I can distinctly see they are shells. They look like they are sunk into white sand. Kim said they will look even better once painted so I look forward to doing that. I would also like to cast my lino print of the white lady once my lino is complete.


Wire sculpture and spot welding.

To stat with we went through the health and safety guidelines with Kim and Bill on working with wire and spot welders.

Taking a large copy of an image from my  ‘document the day’ gravestone close ups I begun to draw and shape around my picture with wire and paid special attention to the small details on the wings. I used the spot welder to bond the pieces of wire to each other. I had to bend and manipulate the wire into position and shapes to get the 3d effect I was looking for.


This is my wire creation so far. I am really pleased with it. I think my angel, in wire 3d form she has taken on a whole new concept. She looks more comic than angelic but like it. .



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