Confessions 22/09/16

All of FAD are doing a collaborative peice of work together in the style of Gillian wearing.    

Wearing advertised in Time Out – London’s listings magazine – for people to confess on video. The advert – which became the title of the work – read: Confess all on video. Don’t worry, you will be in disguise. Intrigued? Call Gillian with a phone number. Those who responded were allowed free rein to reveal things they would never ordinarily tell anyone.


We will each take it in turns to  Confess under spotlight and take on roles as Camera man,  Floor manager and Director and Media will take over editing  the piece and will be shown at a later date which I am looking forward to.

I felt a roller coaster of emotions in the studio, fear, anticipation, pity, nervousness, joy, trust, sadness, disgust, suprised, relief. It was a great experience. I was a late starter to FAD so for me it was a unique way to get to know some of my fellow students on the course. 


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