Mac, Photoshop and WordPress monday workshops, Peer and personal assessments and  UCAS form with personal statement. 


Today I have been introduced to the Mac’s, I have never worked on a mac before and I can’t remember the last time I used my laptop as I always use my Android tablet instead.  Today we learnt of the importance of File management. How to create folders for each project, the options for viewing files and folders and naming and colouring them. I also learnt that in Photoshop (which I have never used before) that it is important to check the size of a file before working on it and how to do it. I know that it will take longer than the time allocated in the workshops and so I will need to put some time aside and familiarise myself with the skills I have learnt In the other mac room. 


With Mandy today we were shown some photoshop skills, Layers and using the magic wand. Unfortunately due to the time and how long it took for the Mac’s to come online I didn’t get to do it for myself and just watched a demonstration that Mandy did with a fellow student. I don’t feel confident with the photoshop yet but I hope this will improve with time. 


Today we registered and started our UCAS applications. Unfortunately again the Mac’s are running very slow and I was getting really irritated by them.

I will need to complete my UCAS form at a later date but tackle this with all the information I need. I also need to start my Personal statement. 


 On reflection I really didn’t enjoy doing the peer assessment and I am ashamed that i failed to do it and myself justice. I struggled between finding the evidence checksheet and working through my peer’s blog with critical evaluation. I didn’t document where evidence was evident and where it needed work.  I know now what I should have been looking for and where I should have given credit to my peer for his methods, personal development and creative skill. I am not sure if any of us had all our blogs up to date I know I didn’t and I don’t expect to have a shining assessment from my peer assessment. 


I recieved my peer assessment today. I was quite shocked and pleased with the grades he believes I am currently working at. 


My self assessment.

I followed the checklist and I hope I have done enough to pass, I look at my peer’s work and they are so artistic and have a clear understanding of where they want to go and what they want to do. I have really enjoyed this course so far and I want to do the best I can. I ddon’t know where this will take me. I thought I really wanted to do interior design and I still do but this course has made me open up to much more. 


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