Film adaption 2010 ‘Never let me go’


Today we will be watching a film I have not seen before and know nothing about.

Based on the Dysotopian Science fiction novel by Kazuro Ishiguro and directed by Mark Romanek. It starts with an introduction of Kathy H telling her life story from her perspective. Kathy reminisces about her time at Hailsham and growing up at the boarding school in what appears to be an idyllic location in the countryside. The setting within the school has a very cold look. Its greys and browns make things look very uniform, stuffy and unhomely, not somewhere I would want to spend my early years. The bright colours really stood out when the children were creative with their art work and there is a lot of emphasis on art and writing. The children talked of the best artwork being picked for the Gallery. The children are told they are special and are given everything they need . They are told it is of paramount importance to keep themselves well and healthy inside.They live in a closed world, no parents to love them, no possessions’ to speak of and fear the outside beyond the walls and gates.

During the film we are introduced to Ruth, a very pretty but pathological liar and Tommy, an angry child, ostracised for not being good at art. Kathy becomes very good friends with the both of them and it becomes evident that Kathy and Tommy’s friendship could develop into love but that was before Ruth sabotages it and kisses Tommy herself.

While still very young miss Lucy a new teacher tells them they will do nothing but live the lives that they have been set up for and they exist purely to donate their organs and around their third donation their life will be complete and that’s what they are created to do.

Before this revelation I had no idea they were clones, I wasn’t entirely sure if the children understood what they had just been told.  For me the thought of humans being created purely to be harvested for their organs is horrifying.

As Young adult clones Kathy H (Carey Mulligan) , Ruth ( Keira Knightly) and Tommy (Andrew Garfield ) are entangled in a love triangle and seem to have accepted what is in store for them in the future. They all leave Hailsham together and move into a cottage on a farm and it seems more relaxed. They have no idea how to act in the social world and try to learn how to be human through the television programmes they watch.







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