Handprints, hunting scenes and being human. LECTURE


Today’s Lecture and my first on the course was delivered by Jamie with a capturing title and beautiful pictures of cave art.

Photographs from (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment)

From my notes in the lecture..

With spit pigment this artwork was created on cave walls and this sort of artwork is the first signs of people making their mark, proving their existence with a notion of knowing they will not be here forever, they are saying ‘ I am here’.

Jamie had said he asks himself two questions when he is in a gallery. what am I looking at? Is it self representation or a reflection of the world?

HANDPRINTS,self representation.

I, me, we leave handprints with art, self portraits, photographs, graffiti, social media, selfie’s etc…  We all want to make our mark on the world and prove that we existed.


the hunting scenes are a reflection of the world from the artists perspective ‘ Documenting their day’ Thousands of years ago. Animals do not make art, humans do.

Art is about transformation and experience. Growing in confidence, Artistic knowledge will grow so will our understanding of art. Engage with new ideas, remove barriers, share ideas, talk, read, accept all art.  Truth, beauty, purity.

Not all art is good, we all connect with things differently.’ Art is not a scam’.

Copy of a painting – craft    Good craft skills- Craftsmanship = its not their Handprint.

All art is conceptual in its time.






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