Today was the first of my visits on FAD and we started with a visit to the Grundy Art Gallery. It was founded in 1911 by brothers John and Cuthbert Grundy. And today we were there for, Neon: The charged line exhibition and The Illuminations archive exhibition.

The charged line is a collection of work made by artists from the 1960s to the present day.

The Illuminations archive exhibition is a historic archive collection of original 1930s illumination working drawings. Drawn in fine chalk and smudged on jet black paper, almost bringing them to life.. They are exhibited on a wall display around the second floor of the Grundy Art Gallery.  There are key works from 20 artists including , Martin creed, Tracey Emin, Fiona Banner and Eddie Peake.


In the entrance window to the Grundy is a Yellow/Orange illuminated peice by Martin creed that turns on and off and simply says ‘THINGS’. This is apparently because the gallery is showing things and they are everywhere.


In the Entrance to the Grundy you are met by Two iron busts of the Brothers John and Cuthbert Grundy. There is a piece by Manchester based artist Noel Clueit  ‘UM’ on the wall under the stairwell.  we were told this represents your first initial thought as you walk into the gallery.


A beautiful specially commisioned piece hangs down the stairweull perminantly by Ruth Claxton ‘Synthetic worlds'(Two women). On the first wall at the top of the stairs you are greeted with a green illumination of words ‘come into the garden and forget about the war’ 2007 by  Scottish artist Graham Fagan.

The Small  Gallery just after the entrance had peices displayed on Dark Grey and white walls and they all seemed to compliment each other in an array of neon text and typography.

‘NEON’ Joseph kosuth. 1965

‘Beagle punctuation’ by Fiona Banner. 2011

I know I know I know by Tracey Emin. 2002

Joseph kosuth

Cerith Wyn Evans . Born 1958, a welsh sculpture and installation artist and film maker.

In the largest of the Gallery rooms are some beautiful pieces

A green illuminated cement mixer by Joseph Kosuth.

In a side room under strict supervision were two pieces by Francois morrellet,  (despicable) 2008 and (Triple x neonly) 2012.

I really liked the way the Neon would shine upto the ceiling and would reflect in the skylights.


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