Lino tile making and Printing workshop.

I had chosen to use my picture of the white lady taken in my ‘Document the day’ photographs. I used a black and white image of the photograph then traced my design on my lino before using a sharp chisel tool to gouge out the design. I ensured before i inked out the pieces that I knew which parts i wanted to keep and which parts I would be gauging out. Next time i do a lino tile I will ensure my pen ink is on the opposite side I am cutting as I was constantly getting my hands covered in ink. Using acrylic paint, a brayer to put a layer of paint on to the lino tile, an old fashioned spin wheel press and some old book text paper, I  have created some really good lino prints. I am really pleased with how they turned out. I painted the trees and the white lady in complimentary colours on the first print to add contrast and also used some layering teqnique’s by cutting into the lino a bit more around the hands and face. I wasn’t  sure if i would like her print as a mirror image but it actually looks really good. I attempted to do the layering again in the 3rd picture but unfortunately the pink on the black and white didn’t work as well as I had hoped although it does have a pop art look about it. 


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