Film adaption: Everything is illuminated. 


A 2005 adaption from a novel of the same name and directed by Liev Shrieber. A biographical comedy drama about Jonathan a Jewish American’s quest to find the woman who saved his grandfather (in the second world war) in a small village (The hamlet of Trachimbrod) in the Ukraine that has been wiped off the map and no one has heard of. Through a family specialising in ‘tours for dead jews’  Jonathan (the collector) is guided by Alex (a Ukrainian Rap wanna be and Michael Jackson fan) as Jonathans interpretor. Along with Alex’s (claims to be blind and possibly Anti semitic) Grandfather as the driver and his crazy dog Sammy Davis junior junior (his all seeing eye dog). They travel across the soviet countryside on a journey of discovery, friendship,love, and suprising disclosure that brought me to tears.

I have not read the book but I  really enjoyed the film, the screen play, the humour and the way the journey moved through every chapter from the absurdity of the first chapters to the dignity of the last.


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