Today I was introduced to some techniques in manipulating, distorting and diffusing photographs to create abstract or illusionised pictures. we observed a demonstration by the tutor using various techniques and materials such as bleach, turps, Acrylic paint, sandpaper, varnish and stain. We had a look at various artists that use these techniques such as

GERARD  RICHTER a German painter that has produced abstract as well as photorealist paintings, photographs and glass pieces . Quote”I blur things to make everything equally important and equally unimportant” https://www.gerhard-richter.com/en/quotes/techniques-5

One of Gerhards oil on photograph pieces.

URS FISCHER a Swiss artist working in New York.  known for his photography and contemporary art.


Using paper towel and cotton buds to apply, smudge or dab on the materials.

I really enjoyed experimenting with clashing colours with the varnish and acrylic paints which also added texture if it was thick enough. The bleach gave a warm Amber glow to parts of the photographs, this was more successful on photographs that had more colour in them. The varnish would give a warm aging sepia effect to the photographs and the turps I found was not successful in doing anything.

I would like to try this again at some point, using more interesting photographs and experimenting with other teqnique’s like adding Textiles or using heat.

I decided to look on the Pinterest pages and was inspired by the pieces produced by
MAURIZIO ANZERI an Italian artist who uses embroidered thread on found photographs. I really like what he does,  this is something I would like to try in future work.



The afternoon session was to Life draw a female nude. We observed the tutor who give a demonstration of how to hold the pencil and alignment. 

I had to have a bit of help with the alignment, it is my first life drawing i have ever done (apart from a drawing of my dog while she slept.) so the tutor did help with this. I wasn’t far off getting it right. I sat in a chair to do my drawing and my arm begun to ache after a while. we had to draw her but not add to much detail and the tutor said my drawing looked better without her eye. I drew some of the background to add depth and composition to the drawing and I am pleased with the outcome. I think her hands could be better. I really struggled to draw them. I didn’t have time to do a second pose but it would have been good to have had something to compare it to. 
This is a drawing I did of my dog as my first life drawing experience at home as practice. 


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