Personal development 

Playing around with a few ideas and using the same ‘document the day theme’ I used the feature from this gravestone as inspiration. I thought I would experiment with ideas for furniture or patterns and thought about what materials could be used. I think the chair could be made with sustainable materials such as bending and maipulating wood or bamboo,  the swirling pattern would still look good carved into wood. I also thought about how it could be used on other  pieces of furniture or products such as a cot, a room divider, a frame or a banister. I also thought of the different materials that could be used.

This pattern could possibly be  a stained glass window, a piece of pottery, a pattern on wallpaper or fabric print.

Maybe a garden table wrought iron and marble top or carved into chunky wood for an interior table. The possibilities are endless.

This is another feature taken from a gravestone and replicated to be a print on its own or a series of prints. It could also be carved into wood or used as a pattern on a frosted glass or etched window or take form of a hand mirror, jewelry or makeup box.

A mirror image of the feature leaf design above could be a really nice repetitive print on wall paper or fabric.


It’s Halloween this weekend and I thought it would be good to extend some of the work I have done by free hand drawing and carving a pumpkin around my ‘Document the day’ theme. Using my lino print drawing for my image I drew on the pumpkin. much. Resembling the thought process of the lino I carved I have to think of the pieces that should remain with pumpkin skin on and skin off. 


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