Today we were given a new breif for unit 5. I spent the day looking at some of the artifacts via the website using the Mac’s and taking notes. Jotting possible ideas of where I could develop new works inspired by the pieces.

Some of the exhibited pieces I thought of as inspiration and possibly  developing included a Macrame chair by Wanders Marcel.

Parlour from Henrietta street 1720’s Room, Particularly the ceiling designed and made by Atari Carlo Guiseppe, born 1650 died 1769.

Museum of childhood Candy wear doll pack makers, early 1950’s by Candida Tobin 1926-2008.

The Victoria and Albert museum is full of amazing pieces. This one particularly caught my attention. I love the romanticism and intricate details.

I found this beautiful print engraving ‘Design for a pendant’ the details include Birds of prey, fruit, Rabbit, Sunset, crescent moon, stars, pearls and gems. IT would be interesting to see if the intricate symbols relate to anything as they remind me of something but I can’t think what. I think I may have seen them on Tarrot cards. I will look into this further.  It was possibly designed by Paul Birckenhultz a German Goldsmith working in Frankfurt although the records say the signature on the signed piece does not appear on any of his other engraving’s and although the design is in the style of Birckenhultz the size of the design is smaller than Birckenhultz other designs.

I could develop the print and use the concept of the print as interior decoration printed in a variety of colours on  various fabrics, lamp shades, wallpaper, cushions and curtains or embroidered and hand stitched like contemporary textiles artist Marna lunt on her beautiful lampshades and candle holders.  It would also make a great design for string art like Remus Hubart.

I think that the design of the pendant would look beautiful on a larger scale as an installation piece such as a sculptured light fitting or a classic or modern chandelier.

It could be made with copper, wire, enamel or ceramics and coloured glass much like the jewelry pieces would look in the Renaissance era.  I researched using Recycled mutimedia materials such as aluminium cans or paper mache. . I want to explore and research ideas further for this design. I have created a board on Pinterest to help me with this and uploaded some images of ways I can incorporate the materials in my work.

It’s unclear if the design was ever created into a jewelry piece but it has inspired me to create something that should be a talking point.


I have concentrated on how I will present my ideas.  I have never done a power point or mood board before so I will need to research this. I downloaded a free app ‘Google slides’ and begun to add some information. Its not as good as some power points i have seen although I think I may need to add some sketches of my ideas and more photographs for others to see my visions but I am not convinced this is the best way to pitch my ideas but I do need to experience it sometime.


I have attempted to draw a design idea using a sphere and perspective guidelines. I have also added more pictures and research on artists that work with the materials I am hoping to use. 


I have worked further on my power point. It is coming together nicely now but I still have some tweeking to do. I have lots of inspiration and ideas to work with and I look forward to presenting it next week.


I came across this image today on Pinterest and it has some resembling aspects to the pendant. I don’t know much about art history but I wonder if Birckenhultz was influenced by Alchemy.

 I want to incorporate a narrative into the work so I will look if there are any symobic reasons for the way the pendant is designed or look further into Alchemy or similar to influence my overall design and narrative.


The Presentation went well, it was presented to a small group. I had some great feed back about the ideas I have and what I hope to create.


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