I have been really torn in making a decision about where I want to go and what I want to do after my foundation course. I know i definitely want to get a degree but I was mostly torn between interior design and Fine art.  I decided to think about my future as a whole and research and read up on job prospects for after I graduate. I have a lot to think about..

Interior and spatial designer job profile |

Fine artist job profile |

Ceramics designer job profile |

Printmaker job profile |

Art therapist job profile |

Textile designer job profile |

Exhibition designer job profile |

Photographer job profile |

Graduate jobs in creative arts and design |

Overview of the creative arts sector in the UK |

I attended the open day at Blackburn University and was shown around the rooms and shown some of the work students are doing on the interior design course so far. I have to be honest I wasn’t excited at the prospect that I would be there for the next three years. Was it because of the temperature in the rooms and lack of warmth or the fact that I chatted with Tutors approach more experience in fashion, graphics, photography, textiles.

I had a chat with Jamie Holman who is taking over the Fine Art Degree course and it sounds like this course is more what I am looking for. I want to keep my options open with the potential career path I take instead of limiting myself to one choice.


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