Personal statement

I really didn’t know how I was going to even start my Personal statement, I just knew what not to put in and what not to say as highlighted in the recent lecture from my Tutor and the visiting lecturers. After expressing my concern that I had nothing and didn’t know where to start my tutor Kim sat down and we started to chat, she asked me a few questions like why did i come on the course? what made me want to leave my job? and some other questions. I was happy to answer and after a good 10 mins she said ‘there now write it down and you have the beginnings of a personal statement and what you have said will make me want to read it.’

So here is my First Draft.

After Tutor feedback and some rewording and tweeking it was suggested to add some Artists that inspire me so.this is my second Draft.

Not quite as painful as I thought it might be, I had some fantastic support from my Tutor Kim and so I am really happy with it. Next thing is I  need to send my UCAS form, build up my portpholio of work and hope I get an interview and get in.


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