I recently attended an open day at Blackburn University  where Jamie had put together a Lecture and shown us images of his work. Jamie had merged some old photographs of Belfast and some Photographs of Blackburn and so it inspired me to see what I could create with some of my Photographs that I had taken this year. I had a good look through my photographs archived in my Dropbox to pick out what I may be able to experiment using.  I think the results could be better if done properly on photoshop pc or mac but i am using photoshop apps on my Samsung tablet at home.

I used a close up of a blackboard taken at the local park as my background, a picture of my daughter who had been swinging on a upright roundabout and the Neon sign installation by Bertrand lavier taken in Blackpools Neon exhibition.  


I had some photographs of my son running towards me at various stages as he came closer and decided to use all of them to show some movement like a train on the tracks. Black and white image taken in my Document the day photographs of a crumbling old house

Son day train.

Looking at it now I think I can improve it by leaving the last image on the tracks and making it look like he was going under rather than over the bridge.

Here i used various Neon typography taken from the Blackpool Neon exhibition on a photograph taken at the playground. 

Illuminated and grounded.

An image taken in France of a courtyard vertical view, my son watching a stick float down a muddy river and a Blue door to the decades vintage shop in Blackburn.

Plane dreams. reversed son photo and a French  plane captured putting out a field fire.


The marble white lady meets bronze Mr Grundy. Document the day and Blackpool sculptures merge.

More Neon at the park.


I am quite pleased with what I have done with the photographs considering I did them on my tablet. I think they would look much better using photoshop on the Mac’s at college so I will be able to edit them and refine some of the detail. I have attempted to give some of the image compositions names as suggested by Jamie Holman and Sean Dower.

I took a few Photographs on a recent London trip and have tried to Merge some of these together.

A Thames Victorian Lamp post as we walked down the river to the Tate and a the Picture from within the Tate.

A photograph of a lone boat and a couple on the side of the Thames with the Robot on display at the Tate.


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