I have mentioned before that the details in the Birkenhultz print for a pendant have a resemblance to some Alchemist images i found on Pinterest. I have decided to use the influence of alchemy to move my idea forward and achieve a magical narrative for my work. While researching Paul Birkenhultz there wasn’t anything about him or his life.

My fictional narrative will start with him as it is believed that there maybe doubt as to weather the print was really designed by Paul Birkenhultz at all. What If Paul was in love and he designed the Romantic styled pendant for that special someone?


I have been taking some of the elements in the Birkenhultz print and reworking them in some illustrations of my own.

I have begun to make a large installation of the pedant constructing the piece with wire starting with the Rabbit and Birds. Other artists that have used wire that I can relate to are David Olvera and Glenn Doyle.

Alchemy is a combination of Science, Mysticism, spirituality and philosophy and has influenced artists and film makers.

“Alchemy has had a long-standing relationship with art, seen both in alchemical texts and in mainstream entertainment. Literary alchemy appears throughout the history of English literature from Shakespeare to modern Fantasy authors. Here, characters or plot structure follow an alchemical magnum opus. In the fourteenth century, Chaucer began a trend of alchemical satire that can still be seen in recent fantasy works like those of Terry Pratchett. Visual artists had a similar relationship with alchemy. While some of them used alchemy as a source of satire, others worked with the alchemists themselves or integrated alchemical thought or symbols in their work. Music was also present in the works of alchemists and continues to influence popular performers. In the last hundred years, alchemists have been portrayed in a magical and spagyric role in fantasy fiction, film, television, comics and video games.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alchemy_in_art_and_entertainment

Long shrouded in secrecy, alchemy is now recognized as the ancestor of modern chemistry. Alchemists were notorious for attempting to make synthetic gold, but their goals were far more ambitious: to transform and bend nature to the will of an industrious human imagination. For scientists, philosophers, and artists alike, alchemy seemed to hold the key to unlocking the secrets of creation. Alchemists’ efforts to discover the way the world is made have had an enduring impact on artistic practice and expression around the globe. Inventions born from alchemical laboratories include metal alloys for sculpture and ornament, oil paints, effects in glassmaking, and even the chemical baths of photography. The mysterious art of alchemy transformed visual culture from antiquity to the Industrial Age, and its legacy still permeates the world we make today.


Pinterest board created http://pin.it/g3RKazY

Sean Dower was inspired by the Enochian tablets by Edwardian Alchemist Dr John Dee.


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