Artist Research 

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TEXTILES instalation artist from Bath, creates a body of work consisting of 4000 plus pieces made entirely out of felt. Installations have been in the form of a corner shop, gun store and a full sex shop. Lucy is currently working on a sandwich shop like subway.

'The Cornershop' SOLD



is a graphic designer from Essex United Kingdom. Focusing mostly on collage work, he takes old photos and makes them new again. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings and using old war photos, Guy creates bright contrasting works.

New Graphic Design








Is a young and talented artist currently living in Hong Kong. Her sculptures represent imaginary Hong Kong skylines. She creates installations by hanging her pieces so they can cast a shadow of the skyline onto the wall. Yuen has collected objects and crafts found in the Yau Me Tei / Kowloon district from as many locals and family run stores as she could possibly find. Her work includes items like plastic toys, as they represent a joyous reminder of what has remained in the district. Each and every object portrays both struggle and self reliance of Hong Kong trades and its people.


British sculptor and installation artist. OBE, Turner prize winner,, Born 30th August 1950 London. Creator of Angel of the North, public sculpture, Event Horizon, Crosby beach, Bread. 


ANGEL OF THE NORTH [1/20 maquette]


Portrait artist much in demand with prince philip, Tony Blair, Dennis Hope,  Nicola Kid they have all sat for him.



Irish contemporary Conceptual artist and painter.Michael Craig-Martin was born in Dublin Ireland in 1941. He grew up and was educated in the United States, studying Fine Art at the Yale School of Art and Architecture. He has lived and worked in Britain since 1966. His first solo exhibition was at the Rowan Gallery, London, in 1969. He participated in the definitive exhibition of British conceptual art, The New Art at the Hayward Gallery in 1972. His best known works include An oak tree of 1973, in which he claimed to have changed a glass of water into an oak tree; his large-scale black and white wall drawings; and his intensely coloured paintings, installations, and commissions, including the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg, the Laban Dance Centre in London (in collaboration with Herzog and deMeuron), the DLR station at Woolwich Arsenal, and, most recently, the HDI Gerling Headquarters in Hannover. Over the past forty-two years he has had numerous exhibitions and installations in galleries and museums across the world. Craig-Martin is well known to have been an influential teacher at Goldsmiths College, London. He was a Tate Trustee from 1989 to 1999, was awarded a CBE in 2000 and was elected an RA in 2006.



Michael Eden is a maker whose work sits at the intersection of craft, design and art, exploring contemporary themes through the redesign of historical, culturally familiar objects utilising digital manufacturing and materials.Through this he investigates the relationship between hand and digital tools.  He is particularly interested in how the tacit knowledge and sensibility to the 3 dimensional object, developed through extended ceramic practice can affect and influence the approach to the creation of objects using digital technology.

A tiny Wedgwoodn't Tureen, 2014

Glenn Doyle

Glenn has been perfecting the art of wire sculpting for many years, resulting in the production of some of the most detailed sculpted pieces in Australia. Some of his work is on permanent display at the Archaeological Dig, Cumberland St. The Rocks in Sydney. A variety of pieces are exhibited and for sale at The Arts & Crafts Society of NSW gallery in George St., The Rocks in Sydney.

Sophie Ryder

Sophie Ryder was born in London, England, in 1963. During her childhood, her French mother travelled to Provence in the south of France where the family spent the entire summer.  She studied Combined Arts at the Royal Academy of Arts where, while obtaining her diploma in painting, she was encouraged by fellow artist to develop her sculpture. Inspired by Picasso, Goya and Henry Moore, she famously developed the Lady Hare as a counterpart to Ancient Greek mythology’s Minotaur. 

Sophie Ryder’s world is one of mystical creatures, animals and hybrid beings made from sawdust, wet plaster, old machine parts and toys, weld joins and angle grinders, wire ‘pancakes’, torn scraps of paper, charcoal sticks and acid baths.

 David Oliveira


Aden Hynes isn’t well known but owns a company called The sculpture studios where he designs and creates various sculpture using Styrofoam sculpting, fibre glass mouldings, Polystyrene carving and Scenic sculpting bespoke creations for stage, theatre, exhibition or media and advertising.  (fibreglass mould making, glass fibre, plaster, concrete, bronze finish)



Bronwyn Joy Oliver (22 February 1959 – 11 July 2006) was an Australian sculptor who worked primarily in metal

a copper sculpture comprising seven segments wrought out of undulating copper wire, standing beneath a cluster of palm treesA wire sculpture shaped like a bird feather, silhouetted against the skyA three metre-diameter globe-shaped bronze sculpture fabricated out of brazed copper alloy wire

Oliver was not one to intellectualise her creativity: she preferred to talk about the process of creating her artworks rather than their meanings.[4] Asked about how she approached her art, she stated:

My work is about structure and order. It is a pursuit of a kind of logic: a formal, sculptural logic and poetic logic. It is a conceptual and physical process of building and taking away at the same time. I set out to strip the ideas and associations down to (physically and metaphorically) just the bones, exposing the life still held inside



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