Day 1

After a tiring but fun double decked bus journey from the sleepy early morning of Blackburn to the hotel in London we made our way via tube to the Victoria and Albert Museam and stopped just outside the station tunnels for a group photo to capture the spirit of the day. The aroma of chestnuts in the air the cold bite of winter coming and the hustle and bustle of rushing commuters and tourists going about their day.


The Grand entrance is stunning with the clashing blue and green mould blown glass’Rotunda chandalier’ designed and made by American glass sculptor/installation artist Dale Chihuly in 2001 which is on loan to the museum set inside the dome ceiling. I had already come across the work of Dale while researching artists and sculptors but I didn’t realise just how large and impressive they really are with the masses of curly elongated twists of coloured glass they remind me of the moulding balloons entertainers make animals out of. I started my tour in the cast collection, viewing sculptures from period Artists such as Grazie Giambologna and Michelangelo.

I really loved this piece by James Delou made in 1873 of a peasant woman breast feeding (nursing) her baby. This is something considered a controversial subject in society today. Mothers have to defend their right to breast feed in public places, it wouldn’t have even been considered to be anything but a natural way to feed a baby.


The building was huge, it had tall ceilings and stone walls and floors,  glass banisters to the stair cases and walls to make the most of the light and corridors leading you off in every direction, it was easy to get lost in the building and in all the amazing artifacts on display.

It was unfortunate that i didn’t have time to explore everything the V&A had to offer but I took many photographs. I would like to visit again.

Then we went to The London Coliseum in the West end for a tour backstage of the National Opera house. We were shown a detailed model of the stage and it was explained  to us how a new model is made for every production. How it is made and the logistics involved in the making and how crucial it is for the model to be present and correct for every performance.


Backstage we got to see the wardrobe department, and where the props and sets are stored. and it was explained that most of the costumes are made off sight but occasionally repairs need to be made on sight. We also got to see the Royal box and the Royal suite that was used as a dressing room when Glenn Close starred in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Sunset boulevard. It was a great experience and we were lucky to have the opportunity. We then went to Jamie Holman’s Gallery exhibition.

Day 2


We were lucky enough to experience a beautiful and historical walk from Somerset house to the Tate Gallery and I enjoyed taking snaps a long the way.

The Tate Gallery wasn’t quite what I had imagined. The building from the outside resembles a factory and the Tall chimney resembles India mill in Darwen, inside it is so much bigger than it looked, it was a bigger than a football stadium and quite overwhelming for my tired feet. I didn’t see it all and I could have seen more but instead went for a coffee and had the opportunity for a chat about the Fine Art Degree at Blackburn with Jamie Holman.


I photo shopped some of my images from the trip. I really enjoyed the Trip and look forward to the next one.




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