An ex  Blackburn college student came to give us a chat about what he has done since attending college and finishing his Foundation Course. Aaron showed us his short films that he  has made over the years and his latest one’s filmed while attending University in London.

We could see how his style had changed and how he had evolved from the first films. Aaron likes to work in an unscripted way and his latest film was filmed over 5 days with a larger budget than the other films at £2000 but most of the budget went on equipment, Travel and accommodation for himself and the crew.

His work is inspired by Shane Meadows ‘This is England’ creator and director. The Actors are mostly street cast as they are great to work with in an improvised way capturing the real reactions of the actors when they least expect things to happen. Most of the work comes after the filming with editing, colour grading and  Visual effects but they are not always obvious in Aarons films.

Aarons films are true to the surroundings they are filmed in and the story lines are of relevance to true life and usually end with a harsh reality. The latest film  The Truant’s is a story of Two young lads who cruelly bully an innocent older lad with signs of learning difficulties for their own fun in to following them around until he is pushed in a River and drowns. It reminded me of the story of Jamie Bulger an innocent 2 year old who was subjected to the cruelty of 2 older lads who lost his life. new-shorts-boyhood-w640h480

Aaron also gave us some very good advice. Come together and make stuff together was one of them. Stick to what you know because it works. Make as much as possible over the next few years so that you can show of what you are capable of later. Sell your style, that’s why your being headhunted and you get the commission. Submit work to as many competitions as possible. Build up recognition. Build up Awards,  a website and make yourself contactable.

I think the advice given was relevant to anyone not just the media students and as a person I think Aaron has and probably will remain grounded and true to his style. I look forward to seeing further films and wish him the best for the future.


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