I have decided to take parts of the ‘design for a pendant’ image and rearrange the composition to fit a square of Lino for a print. Folding various photocopies of the different sized designs and deciding where to put them in my arrangement.

I used a black sharpie and traced the images onto the Lino. I liked the design so much that I thought I would make the most of it before I cut into it and so i took as many photographs in as best light as possible. I then decided to colour the Lino in with coloured metallic sharpies.

I photographed the last image on a wooden table to see the effect if the image had been painted onto wood.

I will be taking some photographs in the studio and showing how the image translates onto the wall as shadows before cutting into it and producing the design in plaster and print. I have also started another Lino which I will be cutting into.

I hope to use the black and white images and transfer them to a screen print.


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