I have been working on a vessel for a lady specific to the brief to fit in an unusual space. The measurements have now been confirmed.

I  have been trying to make  a base for the vessel to sit on but because it is made of wire I have found that my idea wasn’t stable enough and so as I added more wire  for stability and support the base begun to take a different shape to my original design. I decided to go along with it and see where it takes me.

It has begun to take shape in an unusual contemporary form.  I have never seen anything like it.  I can’t decide at the moment if I like the way its going or if I hate it.

I asked my peers for their take on it. They have deliberated and critiqued and I was told the piece was definitely interesting. The base resembles a wicker chair or the hips of a woman in a Basque with the rounder piece the belly.  It was also mentioned that the base of the piece could be a fruit bowl. I like the reactions I am getting and the honesty.  At the moment I know it is definitely not a finished piece and I won’t stop until I am happy with it.



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