I decided after I had been using the Lino to make prints that I would like to cast it in plaster. I rolled out a piece of clay to put the lino on as I have put a few holes in the lino when I was carving it. I built up the sides using stiff metallic boards and fixed them in place with the clay. I put some very cold water in a bowl then added the plaster powder until it was ready for me to mix with my hand. As the consistency resembled thick batter it was ready to put over the Lino and left to dry. When it is dry I may build it up with clay as suggested by Bill. I have never done that before so it sounds interesting and I wouldn’t mind giving it a try. I may cast another one and paint it. I wouldn’t mind attempting to paint it like the digital photo shopped version.

Digital Photoshop image. 2017-22-1-14-13-23-pics-art

This is the plaster casting as it turned out. The ink I had been using on the Lino when printing had transferred to the Plaster and I really like it. I am going to experiment more by adding the ink to the lino on purpose before adding the plaster to see if I can get a similar effect like the Picture above.




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