I decided to experiment with embossing powder on the laser etched vinyl to bring out the design and make it more visible

I used gold and silver to begin with. First I applied the ink from an inkpad using a paintbrush to the barely visible etched vinyl before sprinkling on the Embossing powder and tapping it off. The embossing powder sticks to the clear ink. I then used a heat gun to heat up the embossing powder.

As I begun to see the results the effect begun to look like distressed metal and I really liked it so I decided I wanted to mix the colours so that the effect could look more naturally distressed. I mixed the gold and silver with copper and sparkle black and kept changing the areas I worked on and the mixture variants.

The pieces are very metallic and distressed looking, the hints of copper and black through the gold and silver add to the aesthetics and the design looks and feels textured. I defiantly had the end result I had hoped for. I am really pleased with it.


Moving forward I would like to find a way to present it but as yet haven’t decided how best to do that. I need to finish my Aluminium version of the Crescent moon and my Commission piece.



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