I decided to experiment with some other materials for the large scale pendant pieces so I made a start on my moon with Aluminium cans carefully cutting the bottoms tops and sides as they are very sharp. I then took some florists wire to hold the together and attempted to turn the bottoms and tops of the cans into a crescent moon shape.

I took a paper face mask and covered it in cut pieces of the can.

I made a crescent moon shape out of wire to help me shape the can ends but they were to resilient to shaping and I didn’t like how they looked so I scrapped that idea and decided to use a silver backed paper and covered the wire frame using a glue gun. To fix the mask to the Moon I had to stick the same paper to the inside of the mask and leaving half of it to over lap and stick to the moon. I then used the same effect as I used to cover the moon in the silver backed card to frame around the face. Unfortunately as I was doing this one of the Blue eyes fell in to the mask and although I did try to fix it back in it didn’t look right again so I pushed the other eye in to match.Although I did like the Face when it was a mask to have the blue eyes I didn’t think I needed them to complete the Moon as the reflection from the silver backed paper was enough to add an expression that I liked. In some lights it appears to have his eyes shut or winking.

I have to decide now how I want to display the piece it doesn’t sit or lie down well and I like the shadow it leaves on the wall so I think I would prefer to hang it.

I have been researching renowned sculptors and taking influence from Takashi Murakami https://kristysimpson2016ualfad.wordpress.com/2017/01/11/sculpture/


I like how he shows character in his pieces and I have tried to achieve that with my moon character and I hope to do the same with the sunburst.

Moving on I need to make my Sun to finish all the elements in the pendant.

I am deliberating the best way to achieve this. I am thinking about creating the shape from wire and then covering in multiple fabric’s with varied colour, pattern and texture or possibly making it in clay.

I decided I would like to make the Sunburst from clay and sculpt an androgynous face in to it much like what you would see on a tarot card or in Alchemy.

I have chosen to use Terracotta clay

as its a warm orange colour anyway which is perfect for a sun. As the clay was all over my hands I kept forgetting to take pictures of development in between. The kiln is not very big so I am doing the face first and then the rays from the sun will be put in the kiln separately and attached afterwards. This is my sun face so far.


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