Today I am having to go back to square one with using the Ikea base to mount the spine of the commission piece. Unfortunately after some research and talks by my Tutor Jamie there is concern with the amount of lead that would need to be used in the piece and the harm it may cause over time.  This isn’t something that can be taken lightly and so we have decided lead is not going to be used in the piece.

lead powderLead is a naturally occurring metal but its natural status doesn’t mean it’s healthy. In fact, lead is extremely toxic to humans and affects the liver, kidneys, reproductive system, and nervous system. [1] Lead exposure can happen quietly and causes permanent problems, especially to the brain. Children are the most at-risk for lead exposure and the worst effects impact motor skills and cognitive impairment. Toxic metal and lead poisoning is a problem in many countries in the world including the United States, Iran, India, and China. Sources of lead exposure really vary which is due in part to the inclusion of lead in many chemicals and products. Occupational exposure is a public health issue everywhere and mine workers, paint factory employees, drivers, and tile makers are just a few occupations that have been identified as higher risk for lead toxicity. [2] (06/02/16)

We have set the spine back in the base using the epoxy resin   I twisted in the LED lights to the bulb part of the sculpture and I love the way they look.  I have sprayed the Ikea metal top for the Base in gold and we have measured and put a hole in the middle of the wooden basket base ready to fix to the base and the wire sculptured basket.  I have sprayed the battery box so that it blends into the sculpture as much as possible.

Moving on I still need to spray the spine of the piece and find a way to counter balance the spine and bulb so that it stays in position and doesn’t sway and fix the metal and wooden base with basket fixed on to the base.

After waiting for the Resin to set we attached the sprayed base and the wooden top for the basket to be attached to and then attached the basket with staples. I then attached the bulb part to the spine and was so happy to find that it didn’t sway to the side like it did the first time we tried to use the base. The battery case fits just nicely behind the wire basket in a piece of wire. I cut and bent to wire that were sticking out at the top of the piece and then bent some more wire around the top to finish it.

Although my initial idea was of a vase like structure I am pleased I went off course and decided to go with my heart and let the sculpture take on a form of its own. I am really happy with it, I think it will fit nicely in the space it needs to fit in but I won’t know if the piece will be chosen until tomorrow. If it is then great and if it doesn’t it will look lovely in my house.


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