Researching artists and materials for Final major project ideas.

I am interested in finding out more about materials that have been successfully used to create sculptural pieces. I decided to look if bubble-gum had been used before as I was walking to my car today and seeing it on the pavement around Blackburn cathedral.

Maurizio Savini makes sculptures from chewed bubblegum and manipulates and sculpts it  while its warm with a knife like traditional materials such as clay.

“The most important step is the fixing of the sculptures with formaldehyde and antibiotic.” (03/02/16)


I have been thinking of making sculptures out of photographs for my FMP after seeing the Cilla black sculpture by Emma Rodgers and Andy Edwards and learning that Cilla’s 60’s dress was made up of memorable photographs. While researching I came across Oliver Herrig who is an experimental artist and has used Photo sculpture.  Herring starts with a polystyrene base and pastes thousands of cut up photographs to the base. “Gloria”, one of his most famous sculptures, is of a girl leaning against a wall in a colorful flower dress holding her necklace. Herring took pictures from every angle of her and he cut and pasted them on the base to form the sculpture. (06/02/16)

Image result for oliver herrig

A photo-sculpture is the reproduction of persons, animals, and things, in 3-dimensions by taking a series of photos in the round and using them as synchronized photo projections to create a sculpture.[1] The process was invented and patented by French artist (painter, sculptor and photographer) François Willème in 1860. He took a series of photographs from around a subject and used them to carve a likeness of the figure.[2] Contemporary photo sculptures are obtained through a process of 3D scanning and 3D printing. The results are small statues that represent the portrayed entity.

Examples of photographic sculptures include the work of experimental artist Oliver Herring. (06/02/16)

I have been thinking of creating a life size 3D sculpture of my identical Twins embracing using wire. Possibly in cube style form on identical sized boxes to start with then wire cubes and wire drawings like my birds and fixing the photographs to them to make a sculpture inspired by Oliver Herring.

I have had a quick chat with my Tutor and she told me to look at David Hockney/ Hockney joinery and cubism. Which has also lead me to look at Maurizio Galimberti which I will explore further.

Image result for David Hockney Cubism

Maurizio Galimberti.

Image result for maurizio galimberti,


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