Photographing my work for portfolio.

Before we move on to Degree we hope to each put a portfolio together of our work so that we have a catalogue to show what we have achieved in our work and look back on it as we progress. I have never done a portfolio before but we were assured we would have some help with putting one together. In order to take some really good pictures of our work we must have access to the photographic studio and a good camera unfortunately the studio wasn’t available and so a set was made up with lights and paper on tables. Molly one of the students doing Photography on fad was drafted in last minute to take some pictures.

We began with the largest  Wire sculpture that I had originally designed as a potential commission piece and took photographs from every angle possible and using varied light and camera effects. img_1750

Molly conferred with me about the positions I wanted her to take the photographs and did a very good job. I am very pleased with them.


It was a shame I didn’t get to use the photography studio as I had wanted to hang the lino piece and cast shadows like American Achititect Stephen Holl with his Zen table.

I would have liked to have done this with the Lino piece and with some of the other pieces including the moon but there was a whole group of us from 3D and one camera and the Tutors were not available as they had to help with interview portfolios upstairs which I understand.



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