Reflection Unit 5

I have taken some time to look back over the blog posts and work I have done since starting unit 5. I have managed to research artists and experiment with lots of materials that I had been introduced to on the roundabouts during units 1 to 4.

We had begun unit 4 with the brief. Inspired by.. Taking inspiration from something at the V&A museum and I had found a print from an engraving by Paul Birkenhultz (1561-1639)who was a designer and engraver in the early 1600’s. The print was simply titled Design for a pendant. It was the intricate details that made me decide on the piece. I wanted to see what the piece would look like enlarged and so I started to make some of the pieces in wire and begun with the Rabbit. Reflecting on the wire sculpture of the rabbit I have remembered how quickly it begun to take shape. Compared to the bird sculptures it was easy in comparison and it appears much simpler to look at and photograph.

The first bird that I sculpted with the wire took a bit longer than the rabbit and I used a lot more wire choosing to weave the wire to create the Form and spot welding less frequently. The beak and the Talons were the most difficult to get right.

Because the Paul Berkenhultz design had symmetrical birds I had to make another one. During this time I had also begun to make a commission piece from wire that involved using copper wire as well as the wire I was using on the birds and because of the change in style while making the wire commission piece I begun to change the way I sculptured the bird. The end result of the bird became fatter and heavier than the first as I kept adding more wire and wasn’t happy with its less than symmetrical appearance to the other bird.

Its head and beak were completely different although it did still look like a bird of prey. I think if I was to have another go at making the Symmetrical birds or other sculptures I will concentrate on one structure at a time or do a little at a time on each piece so that my style doesn’t change.

At home in my spare time I concentrated on what I could do with photo shop after being inspired by  Jamie Holmans merged photographs. I also did some drawings and photo shopped them to add colour then moved onto a large scale drawing of the pendent in college. I am still getting to grips with Illustrator and Photoshop. I find it difficult as the process is slightly different on a mac than on the pc. I have come across other apps that are helpful and a little easier to use.

As I was moving on with my project I had to not only experiment with more materials but also with scale so I visited the making rooms to experiment with some laser cutting and etching.

This also involved work on their computers using Inkscape.  wp-image-860479531jpg.jpg

I need to decide how I would like to present the pieces as finished pieces of work but I don’t know how yet. I am thinking of making a Regal coloured velvet covered boards and displaying them like that but I am not sure yet. I might come up with something else.

Not all the laser cut work went to plan.  When I tried to laser etch into a mirror it resulted in a broken mirror and laser etched vinyl backing. I didn’t want the time I spent on it to go to waste. I experimented with embossing powders which resulted in a distressed textured metal like piece that I was quite happy with. I need to design a way for the piece to be displayed. It needs something on the back to cover the broken mirror and make it safe.

I then moved onto changing the composition of the design using all the elements and rearranging them on a lino so that it could be carved into and printed but after I put the composition together I didn’t want to carve into it. I had hoped to get the most out of it as I could.

I wanted to do a screen print as I had missed out on that when I had been doing the roundabouts and Mandy helped me to adjust the image contrast to be sent for the screen. I also hoped to take some photographs of the shadows it made on the wall in the studio before cutting into it and producing prints. Unfortunately nothing has come of this Lino and composition as yet and as we are moving onto our FMP soon it is doubtful I will get the chance which is disappointing.

As I couldn’t cut into the Lino I decided to do another one but just taking part of the design for the lino. I chose to do the top half of the design for a pendent. When I had made a Lino during units 1 to 4 I had wanted to set it in Plaster so I didn’t want to miss out on doing this again so after I finished printing I moved straight onto casting in plaster.

The ink hadn’t quite washed off so the finished piece had revealed a Purple print on the plaster and it was a happy accident. I tried to recreate it with another cast and added a wash of colours to the lino before casting again. I really didn’t like the results. 20170208_164819

I decided to experiment further and covered the plaster casting in Graphite powder and buffed with some cloth.

It turned out so much better than I expected it to. I really like how the colour that had been used before is just showing through.

Getting back to my larger piece I moved on with the other elements the Crescent moon and the sun.

I had intended on making the Crescent moon out of aluminium cans but that hadn’t gone to plan and it proved to be more difficult than I thought it would. The cans wouldn’t mould how I needed them to and I wasn’t happy with the way it was going. I then decided to make the Moon from wire and cover it in silver card using the Heat gun. The face however was a mask covered in aluminium triangles from the cans and heat glued together. Some of the aluminium pieces have a tendency to move from the face and need to be stuck back down again which is annoying but otherwise I am happy with the end result.  The sun is not completed. Each part of the sun needs to be made and put in the kiln and assembled together after. so far i have sculpted the face in clay.

I think I achieved what I set out to achieve when I started the Unit 5 Brief. I wanted to play with scale. Taking a design that is supposed to be small and making it Big even though it is not a large finished piece. I had hoped to put a narrative together but that isn’t actually communicated through the art work so on that point I failed and the narrative lives in my head.  I experimented with tools and Materials and even made a potential Commission piece at the same time and although my work wasn’t picked I followed the brief that we were given. I am quite proud of my achievements. I believe I have grown in confidence and problem solved my way to some great pieces of work and when I haven’t been happy with something I have done my best to turn things around until I am happy with the end result.


After half term my aim is to finish everything that needs to be finished ready for assessment. If we have time.  I would like to put more photo’s together for my portfolio and find ways to present the work that I have done and that needs presenting. I also need to go through my photographs that I have taken over the last few months that show any photography skill and decide which ones would look good in my portfolio.

The sun still need the rays to be done and then the pieces to be fired and assembled and the moon still needs to be hung. If there is time I would like to finish what I set out to do with the composition lino and add a screen print to my body of work.

I also need to be prepared for my interview For the Degree.





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