Researching artists and materials for Final major project ideas.

I am interested in finding out more about materials that have been successfully used to create sculptural pieces. I decided to look if bubble-gum had been used before as I was walking to my car today and seeing it on the pavement around Blackburn cathedral.

Maurizio Savini makes sculptures from chewed bubblegum and manipulates and sculpts it  while its warm with a knife like traditional materials such as clay.

“The most important step is the fixing of the sculptures with formaldehyde and antibiotic.” (03/02/16)


I have been thinking of making sculptures out of photographs for my FMP after seeing the Cilla black sculpture by Emma Rodgers and Andy Edwards and learning that Cilla’s 60’s dress was made up of memorable photographs. While researching I came across Oliver Herrig who is an experimental artist and has used Photo sculpture.  Herring starts with a polystyrene base and pastes thousands of cut up photographs to the base. “Gloria”, one of his most famous sculptures, is of a girl leaning against a wall in a colorful flower dress holding her necklace. Herring took pictures from every angle of her and he cut and pasted them on the base to form the sculpture. (06/02/16)

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A photo-sculpture is the reproduction of persons, animals, and things, in 3-dimensions by taking a series of photos in the round and using them as synchronized photo projections to create a sculpture.[1] The process was invented and patented by French artist (painter, sculptor and photographer) François Willème in 1860. He took a series of photographs from around a subject and used them to carve a likeness of the figure.[2] Contemporary photo sculptures are obtained through a process of 3D scanning and 3D printing. The results are small statues that represent the portrayed entity.

Examples of photographic sculptures include the work of experimental artist Oliver Herring. (06/02/16)

I have been thinking of creating a life size 3D sculpture of my identical Twins embracing using wire. Possibly in cube style form on identical sized boxes to start with then wire cubes and wire drawings like my birds and fixing the photographs to them to make a sculpture inspired by Oliver Herring.

I have had a quick chat with my Tutor and she told me to look at David Hockney/ Hockney joinery and cubism. Which has also lead me to look at Maurizio Galimberti which I will explore further.

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Maurizio Galimberti.

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Crescent moon and Sunburst.

I decided to experiment with some other materials for the large scale pendant pieces so I made a start on my moon with Aluminium cans carefully cutting the bottoms tops and sides as they are very sharp. I then took some florists wire to hold the together and attempted to turn the bottoms and tops of the cans into a crescent moon shape.

I took a paper face mask and covered it in cut pieces of the can.

I made a crescent moon shape out of wire to help me shape the can ends but they were to resilient to shaping and I didn’t like how they looked so I scrapped that idea and decided to use a silver backed paper and covered the wire frame using a glue gun. To fix the mask to the Moon I had to stick the same paper to the inside of the mask and leaving half of it to over lap and stick to the moon. I then used the same effect as I used to cover the moon in the silver backed card to frame around the face. Unfortunately as I was doing this one of the Blue eyes fell in to the mask and although I did try to fix it back in it didn’t look right again so I pushed the other eye in to match.Although I did like the Face when it was a mask to have the blue eyes I didn’t think I needed them to complete the Moon as the reflection from the silver backed paper was enough to add an expression that I liked. In some lights it appears to have his eyes shut or winking.

I have to decide now how I want to display the piece it doesn’t sit or lie down well and I like the shadow it leaves on the wall so I think I would prefer to hang it.

I have been researching renowned sculptors and taking influence from Takashi Murakami


I like how he shows character in his pieces and I have tried to achieve that with my moon character and I hope to do the same with the sunburst.

Moving on I need to make my Sun to finish all the elements in the pendant.

I am deliberating the best way to achieve this. I am thinking about creating the shape from wire and then covering in multiple fabric’s with varied colour, pattern and texture or possibly making it in clay.

I decided I would like to make the Sunburst from clay and sculpt an androgynous face in to it much like what you would see on a tarot card or in Alchemy.

I have chosen to use Terracotta clay

as its a warm orange colour anyway which is perfect for a sun. As the clay was all over my hands I kept forgetting to take pictures of development in between. The kiln is not very big so I am doing the face first and then the rays from the sun will be put in the kiln separately and attached afterwards. This is my sun face so far.

Blackburn College and the Making rooms contract signing experience.

I was asked by Joe my tutor to attend a contract signing at the Making Rooms because I have attended a few times to explore and produce some work. I had a short interview with Claire Frost followed by lots of photographs taken by a professional photographer. Its not clear when the article will make the press but I have seen an article about it advertised in the beacon centre lobby. capture I really dislike posing for photographs but I managed to smile through gritted teeth. It was an experience.  I am really pleased for the college. The making rooms staff are very supportive and I have enjoyed attending.

Update for Commission piece.

20170124_110614After my last update I was unsure of the way the piece had started to look and I agreed with my mini critique that the bottom looked like a wicker chair. I decided I didn’t like it and wanted to change it because it wasn’t the reaction I wanted. I begun to cut and move the wire and position them in different places to change the form it was sitting in. I wanted it to look more bowl like and that’s what I did. I really liked the two pieces separately but when I had put them together they just didn’t look right.

Because the piece has to fit in a awkward space and needs some height,  I decided to find a way to hang the bulb part of the sculpture. I would have liked to have hung the piece in the unit from fishing wire so that it could have appeared to be floating but it would involve putting a hook in the top of the clients unit and I don’t think they would have liked it. Finding a solution had proved difficult and it was suggested using an old bed spring and copper wire rods to make an arm which I actually liked and decided to spray gold but I would need to find a way to make a base that can balance and hold the arm in place. It was suggested to use an old Ikea lamp base which could be sprayed and a wooden gold sprayed base on the top. Unfortunately I had to extend the arm with another bed spring and more copper rods for the bulb part to hang in the right position but I didn’t mind that. I really want the piece to sit right and I have invested a lot of time in to making it perfect. Using the old Ikea lamp and drilling a hole in the cement to fix it in we sealed the hole with Epoxy Resin and let it set but when we tested the piece the arm of the sculpture kept bending and tilting over so the solution didn’t work.

While deliberating and brainstorming with others in and around the workshop it was suggested by Jamie to try and set the arm in lead using the metal top that was on the Ikea base as a mould which we had removed. and maybe using some lead in the Bulb part of the sculpture to counter balance it. I was shown how this can be done over at the University art studio and Jamie will assist me in doing this tomorrow. Lead is an expensive material and quite a lot will need to be used but as it is a potential Commission piece it is worth investing high quality materials on. The arm of the piece was referred to as the spine by a fellow peer and I really like that so from now on I will refer to it as the spine.

I really hope the suggestion works. Potentially it could work and it will add a professional look to the piece.  The Client is coming in to view it and I only have two days left to complete it. It has been a difficult task trying to design something to fit in a particular space, I hope my measurement’s are correct  and I hope she likes it.




laser etched vinyl update


I decided to experiment with embossing powder on the laser etched vinyl to bring out the design and make it more visible

I used gold and silver to begin with. First I applied the ink from an inkpad using a paintbrush to the barely visible etched vinyl before sprinkling on the Embossing powder and tapping it off. The embossing powder sticks to the clear ink. I then used a heat gun to heat up the embossing powder.

As I begun to see the results the effect begun to look like distressed metal and I really liked it so I decided I wanted to mix the colours so that the effect could look more naturally distressed. I mixed the gold and silver with copper and sparkle black and kept changing the areas I worked on and the mixture variants.

The pieces are very metallic and distressed looking, the hints of copper and black through the gold and silver add to the aesthetics and the design looks and feels textured. I defiantly had the end result I had hoped for. I am really pleased with it.


Moving forward I would like to find a way to present it but as yet haven’t decided how best to do that. I need to finish my Aluminium version of the Crescent moon and my Commission piece.


Adding contrast to an image.

I needed to add contrast to an image for a screen print. I asked Mandy in the Mac room if she could help me. The image was taken from some photographs of a black and white lino and the lighting and position I took it wasn’t very good as a shadow was behind it and the white was quite yellow because it was on a clear lino.


I uploaded the image to Photoshop and Mandy told me to go to select-colour range and deleted the white which made the white whiter. Then concentrated on making the black darker. This was the result.